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PICE Application Forms

CPD Program Application Form
Application Form - APEC Engineer
Application Form - ASEAN Engineer
PICE Publication 2020 Event Submission Form
PICE Specialist Application Form
PICE Life Membership Application Form
PICE Membership Registration Form

Announcements & Newsletter

PICE National Statement on COVID-19
PICE 2nd Quarter 2020 Newsletter
PICE 1st Quarter 2020 Newsletter
PICE 2019 Annual Report

PICE Circulars

PICE Circular No. 2020-14 Membership 2020 Dues/SC & PWD Discount
PICE Circular No. 2020-13 VISMA Program
PICE Circular No. 2020-11 Updates on Major Activities-Events
PICE Circular No. 2020-11 Extension of Deadline RTC Proposals
PICE Circular No. 2020-10 Publication Guidelines
PICE Circular No. 2020-09 Advisory on COVID-19
PICE Circular No. 2020-08 Convention Benefit Sharing 2020
PICE Circular No. 2020-07 World Engineering Day
PICE Circular No. 2020-06 PICE Saves Lives 2020
PICE Circular No. 2020-05 Japan SCE STG
PICE Circular No. 2020-04 Application ASEAN Eng Registry
PICE Circular No. 2020-03 Application Chapter CPD Programs
PICE Circular No. 2020-02 RTC Guidelines
PICE Circular No. 2020-01 Announcements 2020

PICE Guidelines

APEC Competency Standards of Advanced Level Engineer
Application Guidelines - ASEAN Engineering Registry
RTC Guidelines 2020
Guidelines PICE Publication 2020
Guidelines on How to become a Specialist
Guidelines to be a PICE Life Member
Guidelines To Be A PICE Regular Member
Guidelines To be A PICE Associate Member

Laws, Republic Acts, Others

PRC Reso No. 1240 S.2020 Reiterating Ways of Learning that can earn CPD Units during COVID-19 & Extending Undertaking to December 31, 2021
Clarification on PRC Reso 1239 S.2020
PRC Reso 1239 S.2020 - Granting CPD Credit Units to All Professionals during COVID19 Pandemic
PRB CE Res 06 Series 2019 - Operational Guidelines CE
RA 10912 - Continuing Professional Development Act of 2016
IRR - PD 1096 National Building Code
PD 1096 National Building Code
RA 544 - Civil Engineering Law