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igus helps support the NHS

In early April igus was approached by the National 3D Printing Society. They are co-ordinating the printing of headbands for urgently needed NHS face shields and needed some help with the assembly. igus has joined forces with them to help where it can.

The UK office in Northampton is now acting as a hub for any 3D printers to send headbands for assembly. We have converted the main conference room into a production line to assemble the face shields, and then make up packages that are being sent directly into hospitals.As with many companies, many of the office staff are working remotely so igus has had people volunteering to help in their own time with the assembly production. Currently, around 500 shields are being assembled per day.

igus UK purchased the first 7000 face shields and have donated these to the cause. After that, the National 3D Printing Society will be sourcing the face shield material.

There is a justgiving page if you wish to donate towards the cost of purchasing the raw materials, any little will help provide this vital part of PPE.

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