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Particle Size Distribution of Kalamazoo River Sediments by FieldSed | Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering


The FieldSed is an inexpensive portable device for performing an image-based soil particle size analysis. The process, which includes the image analysis, is referred to as SedImaging (short for sediment imaging). The FieldSed was used for an investigation of Kalamazoo River sediments to generate over 100 particle size distributions (PSDs). Core samples taken from the river were tested in a nearby field lab. When necessary, samples were processed prior to testing in the FieldSed to remove particles greater than 2.0 mm and those finer than 0.075 mm. Doing so was necessary to ensure the efficiency of the current SedImaging method. A small number of specimens was selected for quality control testing to determine the reproducibility of SedImaging results. This testing also involved sieve analyses in ascertaining the agreement between SedImaging and sieving results. The control test results presented in this paper demonstrate that the FieldSed is a promising device that can rapidly, accurately, and repeatedly determine particle size distributions in field labs for geotechnical and geoenvironmental applications.

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